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IPCCC ICD-11 Congenital Heart Atlas

You are here: Pleuropericardial cyst Congenital pericardial anomaly Structural developmental anomaly of heart or great vessels

IPCCC Term Pleuropericardial cyst
IPCCC Code 10.01.03
ICD-11 Code 989128703


A congenital finding in which there is a closed sac typically found at the pleuropericardial angle, having a distinct membrane and division compared to the nearby tissue.



STS-EACTS-derived IPCCC term

Pericardial disease, Pleuropericardial cyst

EPCC-derived IPCCC term

Pleuropericardial cyst

ICD-11 MMS code or crossmap

LA8D*: This Foundation term is not in ICD-11 MMS. If using MMS to code, crossmap to higher order term "Congenital pericardial anomaly" with code LA8D

ICD-10 MMS code or crossmap

Q24.8**: If coding using ICD-10, crossmap to higher order term “Other specified congenital malformations of heart” with code Q24.8


Congenital pericardial anomaly


Coding Notes

It may contain air, fluid, or semi-solid material. Congenital non-malignant pleuropericardial cysts include pericardial teratoma, cystic lymphangioma, bronchogenic, and celomic cysts.

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