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IPCCC ICD-11 Congenital Heart Atlas

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IPCCC Term Right ventricular myocardial sinusoids
IPCCC Code 07.01.13
ICD-11 Code 1293423457


A congenital cardiac malformation in which there are deep, endothelial lined, blind-ended intramyocardial tunnels communicating with the right ventricular chamber. These occur in the setting of pulmonary atresia or severe right ventricular outflow tract obstruction, intact ventricular septum and a patent tricuspid valve.



STS-EACTS-derived IPCCC term

RV abnormality, RV myocardial sinusoids

EPCC-derived IPCCC term

Right ventricular myocardial sinusoids

ICD-11 MMS code or crossmap

LA88.Y*: This Foundation term is not in ICD-11 MMS. If coding in MMS use term “Other specified congenital anomaly of a ventricle or the ventricular septum” with code LA88.Y

ICD-10 MMS code or crossmap

Q24.8**: If coding using ICD-10, crossmap to higher order term “Other specified congenital malformations of heart” with code Q24.8


Congenital right ventricular anomaly


Coding Notes

These RV sinusoids do not communicate with the coronary arteries. Where connections from the right ventricle to the coronary arteries exist, one should code for "Congenital coronary artery-to-right ventricular fistula".

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