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IPCCC ICD-11 Congenital Heart Atlas

You are here: Interatrial communication Congenital anomaly of atrial septum Congenital anomaly of an atrium or atrial septum Structural developmental anomaly of heart or great vessels

IPCCC Term Interatrial communication
IPCCC Code 05.04.01
ICD-11 Code 1285985084


A congenital cardiac malformation in which there is a hole or pathway between the atrial chambers.


Atrial septal defect*; Congenital atrial septal defect; Auricular septal defect; Interatrial septal defect

STS-EACTS-derived IPCCC term


EPCC-derived IPCCC term

Interatrial communication ('ASD')

ICD-11 MMS code or crossmap

LA8E.Y*: This ICD-11 Foundation term appears in ICD-11 MMS only as an index term under “Other specified congenital anomaly of atrial septum". If using MMS to code, the Foundation term can be crossmapped to LA8E.Y

ICD-10 MMS code or crossmap

Q21.1: Atrial septal defect***


Congenital anomaly of atrial septum



Coding Notes

***Although loosely often termed an “atrial septal defect”, not all interatrial communications have a defect in the true atrial septum, and so “atrial septal defect” in this context is not a true synonym

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