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IPCCC ICD-11 Congenital Heart Atlas

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IPCCC Term Supravalvar or intravalvar mitral ring
IPCCC Code 05.02.02
ICD-11 MMS LA87.1Y
ICD-11 Code 1868985430


A congenital cardiac malformation in which a ridge of tissue is immediately adjacent or integrally attached to the atrial side of the mitral valve.


Supravalvar mitral membrane; Membranous supravalvular mitral stenosis; Congenital supravalvar mitral ring; supravalvar mitral stenosis; Supravalvular congenital mitral stenosis

STS-EACTS-derived IPCCC term

Mitral valve disease, Mitral stenosis, Congenital, Supravalvar pathology, Mitral ring

EPCC-derived IPCCC term

Supravalvar or intravalvar mitral ring

ICD-11 MMS code or crossmap

LA87.1Y*: This Foundation term is not in ICD-11 MMS. If using MMS to code, crossmap to "Other specified congenital anomaly of mitral valve" with code LA87.1Y

ICD-10 MMS code or crossmap

Q23.8**: This term is not in ICD-10. Crossmap to higher order term: "Other congenital malformations of aortic and mitral valves"


Congenital anomaly of mitral valve



Coding Notes

The intravalvar variant is distinguished from the supravalvar variant because the intravalvar ring is within the funnel of the mitral valvar leaflets. Both the intravalvar variant and the supravalvar variant are differentiated from divided left atrium because in the latter the posterosuperior compartment contains the pulmonary veins while the antero-inferior contains the left atrial appendage (and the atrioventricular valve [usually mitral valve] in the absence of left atrioventricular valvar atresia); in supravalvar or intravalvar mitral ring, the antero-inferior compartment contains only the mitral valve orifice and not the left atrial appendage.

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