09.01.01 – Common arterial trunk


IPCCC Code 09.01.01


Synonyms PENDING

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IPCCC Definition A congenital cardiovascular malformation in which a single arterial trunk arises from the heart, giving origin sequentially to the coronary arteries, one or more pulmonary arteries, and the systemic arterial circulation.

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09-01-01 This anterior view of the right ventricular outlet shows a common arterial trunk and an interventricular communication (ventricular septal defect) that is subtruncal with perimembranous extension. Along the inferior border of the ventricular septal defect the tricuspid, truncal and mitral valves are in fibrous continuity. The truncal valve consists of three, semilunar leaflets that are slightly thickened. The common arterial trunk supplies the coronary, pulmonary and systemic circulation with both pulmonary arteries arising separately from the left posterolateral aspect. The left coronary orifice arises slightly above the sinutubular junction and has a slit-like appearance. The right coronary artery is not visualized.

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