07.10.01 – Central perimembranous ventricular septal defect


IPCCC Code 07.10.01


Synonyms PENDING

Abbreviations PENDING

IPCCC Definition A congenital cardiovascular malformation in which there is a ventricular septal defect that 1) occupies the space that is usually closed by the interventricular part of the membranous septum, 2) is adjacent to the area of fibrous continuity between the leaflets of an atrioventricular valve and an arterial valve, and 3) is located at the center of the base of the ventricular mass.

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[su_carousel source=”media: 6253,6254″ limit=”27″ width=”460″ height=”510″ responsive=”no” items=”1″ title=”no” centered=”no” mousewheel=”no” autoplay=”0″] In the first image, the central ventricular septal defect lies at the apex of the triangle of Koch and the supraventricular crest is normally inserted between the limbs of the septomarginal trabeculation. The defect opens inferiorly and posteriorly to the supraventricular crest and the medial papillary muscle (red star) is along its superior-most border. In the second image the roof of the defect is formed by a remnant of the interventricular component (red dots) of the membranous septum. The mitral valve does not come into contact with the borders of the defect.

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