06.01.09 – Straddling tricuspid valve


IPCCC Code 06.01.09


Synonyms PENDING

Abbreviations PENDING

IPCCC Definition A congenital cardiac malformation in which the tricuspid subvalvar apparatus has attachments within both ventricles.

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06-01-09 and 06-01-05 The heart has been cut in a plane to demonstrate all four chambers and the inferior half of the heart is shown. There are concordant atrioventricular connections with straddling and overriding of the tricuspid valve, with the greater part of the valve (double-headed red arrow) committed to the right ventricle. The lesser part (double-headed yellow arrow) marks the portion that overrides the interventricular septum. The tricuspid valve has support from tension apparatus within both the right and left ventricles; the portion straddling and overriding the septum supported by a papillary muscle (yellow star) within the left ventricle.

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