02.01.01 Extrathoracic Heart


IPCCC Code 02.01.01


Synonyms PENDING

Abbreviations PENDING

IPCCC Definition A congenital cardiovascular malformation in which the heart is at least partially outside of the thorax.

  • 02-01-01 This is an anterior view of the chest wall in a stillborn fetus at 18 weeks gestation with exteriorization of the heart. The heart is exteriorized because of the deficiency of the surrounding thoraco-abdominal wall. The cardiac apex is to the right, the left atrium is markedly dilated and the persistent left superior caval vein is easily visualized through the thin thoracic membrane. Internal examination revealed tetralogy of Fallot ,with a small right ventricle that did not extend to the apex of the heart. Note the anterior interventricular coronary artery marked with yellow arrows.
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