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IPCCC: 01.01.00, 02.01.00




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Normal heart (01.01.00)
  Normal position-orientation of heart (02.01.00)


Normal heart (01.01.00)


Modality: Anatomic specimen

Orientation: Mid-ventricular short axis view

Description: The section is from the same heart as shown in image A010100-141a and A010100-142a, but is taken closer yet to the base of the heart. This short axis view demonstrates similar features to those shown in image A010100-142a, but with subtle changes in the anatomy along the ventricular septum. At the level of the tips of the papillary muscles within the left ventricle, the interventricular septum begins to have a smooth appearance, and the aortic, or anterior, leaflet of the mitral valve is lifted away from the ventricular septum. In contrast, the right ventricular component of the interventricular septum remains coarsely trabeculated, with the septal leaflet of the tricuspid valve lying immediately adjacent to the septum. The body of the septomarginal trabeculation is better seen at this level (yellow dots), adjacent with the moderator band as it branches from this prominent septal structure of the right ventricleThe muscular interventricular septum is marked with red dots.

Contributor: Diane E. Spicer, BS

Institution: The Congenital Heart Institute of Florida (CHIF)

Image Label:  A010100-143a

Source of Image: The Congenital Heart Institute of Florida (CHIF)

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