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IPCCC: 01.01.00, 02.01.00




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Normal heart (01.01.00)
  Normal position-orientation of heart (02.01.00)


Normal heart (01.01.00)


Modality: Anatomic specimen

Orientation: Apical short axis view

Description: This apical short axis view of a normal heart demonstrates the normal apical trabeculations of the right and left ventricles, the apical trabecular parts being the most characteristic morphological ventricular components. Note the coarse trabeculations within the right ventricle, compared to the fine trabecular component of the left ventricle. The muscular interventricular septum is marked with red dots. The inferior interventricular artery lies on the diaphragmatic aspect of the heart.
Contributor: Diane E. Spicer, BS

Institution: The Congenital Heart Institute of Florida (CHIF)

Image Label:  A010100-141a

Source of Image: The Congenital Heart Institute of Florida (CHIF)

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