Robert Anderson



Robert Anderson

Institutional Position

Visiting Professorial Fellow, Newcastle University

Academic Rank

Emeritus Professor

Committees and Executive position within the ISNPCHD

Co-chairman, AWG

Current Hospital Affiliation

Institute of Genetic Medicine, Newcastle University

Work Address (City, State ,Country)

60 Earlsfield Road, London, UK

Occupation (Cardiologist, Surgeon, Pathologist, Anatomist, etc.)

Clinically qualified morphologist

Practice Expertise

50 years working with normal and abnormal cardiac anatomy

Background, Education and Training

Bob Anderson trained in medicine in Manchester, United Kingdom. After five years initial training in anatomy, he spent a year in Amsterdam working with Michiel Janse and Anton Becker. Returning to United Kingdom in 1974, he was appointed as clinical anatomist at the Royal Brompton Hospital, supported by the British Heart Foundation. Subsequent to 25 years concentrating on research, he moved in 1999 to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, where he continued until his alleged “retirement” in 2007. Since 2007, he has continued his research, concentrating on cardiac development. He is now appointed to the Institute of Genetic Medicine in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He also has appointments in London, Manchester, Southampton, Birmingham, and Houston, texas, as well as teaching on a regular basis in Pittsburgh, Chicago,and Milwaukee. He is continuing his collaborations with Andrew Redington subsequent to the latter’s move to Cincinnati, and hopes to retain the links he established in Canada.


The anatomy and development of the normal and congenitally malformed heart, with particular emphasis on the conduction tissues.