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IPCCC Code: 09.09.06


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Pulmonary arterial sling  

EACTS-STS Code:    

Vascular ring, Pulmonary artery sling (PA sling)  

Definition:  NA

Common Synonyms: NA






This superior view of the aortic arch(AA) and pulmonary artery (PA), along with the trachea (T) shows the left pulmonary artery (LPA) branching from the right pulmonary artery (RPA). It extends around the trachea to the left lung creating a pulmonary artery sling (red dots). (SCV-superior caval vein, RL-right lung, LL-left lung)





Contributor: Diane Spicer, BS

Image Name: PAsling1a.jpg





A posterior view of the same heart viewed in PAsling1a demonstrates the left pulmonary artery (LPA) bifurcating from the right pulmonary artery(RPA). It passes around the right side of the trachea (T) and extends posterior to it toward the hilus of the left lung (LL). The right pulmonary artery extends to the right lung in the usual fashion. The bronchial anatomy is usual and there is a persistent left superior caval vein (PLSCV). (SCV-superior caval vein, mRMB-morphologically right main bronchus, mLMB-morphologically left main bronchus)


Contributor: Diane Spicer, BS

Image Name: PAsling1b.jpg


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