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IPCCC: 01.01.00, 02.01.00




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Normal heart (01.01.00)
  Normal position-orientation of heart (02.01.00)


Normal heart (01.01.00)


Modality: Anatomic specimen

Orientation: Anterior, right ventricular view (close up)

Description: This close up view of the opened right ventricle shows the relationship between the tricuspid valve, the pulmonary valve, the septomarginal trabeculation (yellow Y), the interventricular component of the membranous septum and the ventriculo-infundibular fold. The interventricular portion of the membranous septum is situated at the border of the supraventricular crest and just beneath the zone of apposition between the septal and antero- superior leaflets of the tricuspid valve. The supraventricular crest is the muscular roof of the right ventricle, and in part forms a portion of the subpulmonic infundibulum. The larger part of the crest is the ventriculo-infundibular fold or inner heart curvature. This muscular region separates the tricuspid from the pulmonic valves and the small septal component that separates the right from the left ventricular outlets. The ventriculo-infundibular fold inserts on the septum between the limbs of the septomarginal trabeculation (yellow Y). The medial papillary muscle arises from the posterior inferior or caudal limb of the septomarginal trabeculation and is a landmark for the right bundle branch of the conduction tissue.
Contributor: Diane E. Spicer, BS

Institution: The Congenital Heart Institute of Florida (CHIF)

Image Label:  A010100-133a

Source of Image: The Congenital Heart Institute of Florida (CHIF)

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