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IPCCC: 01.01.00, 02.01.00




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Normal heart (01.01.00)
  Normal position-orientation of heart (02.01.00)


Normal heart (01.01.00)


Modality: Anatomic specimen

Orientation: Anterior view

Description: In this close up view, the anterior free wall of the right ventricle, the anterior pulmonary trunk and anterior-most wall of the aorta have been removed. All three leaflets of the aortic valve remain intact within the aortic root. The free standing muscular sleeve (red dots), or subpulmonary infundibulum, supports the leaflets of the pulmonary valve. It is an integral part of the supraventricular crest, although the majority of the crest is formed by the ventriculo-infundibular fold, or inner heart curvature, which has been cut away produce this image. A small area, marked with the yellow asterisk, represents the outlet component of the muscular septum, at the point where the crest joins the septomarginal trabeculation (yellow Y). There are no anatomic boundaries, however, showing where this component begins or ends. Note the triangle of Koch (red lines), delineated by the tendon of Todaro and the hinge of the septal leaflet of the tricuspid valve.

Contributor: Diane E. Spicer, BS

Institution: The Congenital Heart Institute of Florida (CHIF)

Image Label:  A010100-148a

Source of Image: The Congenital Heart Institute of Florida (CHIF)

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